get_orthographic_heightmap(pcd_image, color_image, bounds, pixel_size, segmentation=None)[source]#

Get a top-down (z-axis) orthographic heightmap image from 3D pointcloud.

  • pcd_image (ndarray) – HxWx3 float array of 3D points in world coordinates.

  • color_image (ndarray) – HxWx3 uint8 array of values in range 0-255 aligned with points.

  • bounds (ndarray) – 3x2 float array of values (rows: X,Y,Z; columns: min,max) defining the region in 3D space to generate heightmap in world coordinates.

  • pixel_size (float) – float defining size of each pixel in meters.

  • segmentation (ndarray | None) – HxW int32 array of segmentation mask aligned with points.


HxW float array of height (from lower z-bound) in meters. colormap: HxWx3 uint8 array of backprojected color aligned with heightmap. segmentation: HxW int32 array of backprojected segmentation mask aligned with heightmap.

Return type: