make_dataset(scenes_json, questions_json, image_root, *, image_transform=None, vocab_json=None, output_vocab_json=None, filterable_view_cls=None, **kwargs)[source]#

Make a CLEVR dataset. See CLEVRDatasetUnwrapped for more details.

  • scenes_json (str) – the path to the scenes json file.

  • questions_json (str) – the path to the questions json file.

  • image_root (str) – the root directory of the images.

  • image_transform – the image transform (torchvision transform). If None, a default transform will be used.

  • vocab_json – the path to the vocab json file. If None, the vocab will be built from the dataset.

  • output_vocab_json – the path to the output vocab json file. If None, the output vocab will be built from the dataset.

  • filterable_view_cls – the filterable view class. If None, the default CLEVRDatasetFilterableView will be used.

  • **kwargs – other keyword arguments for the dataset.

Return type: