class CLEVRDatasetUnwrapped[source]#

Bases: FilterableDatasetUnwrapped

The unwrapped CLEVR dataset.




Get a sample from the dataset.


  • scene: the scene annotations (raw dict).

  • objects: the bounding boxes of the objects (a Tensor of shape [N, 4]).

  • image_index: the index of the image (int).

  • image_filename: the filename of the image (str).

  • image: the image (a Tensor of shape [3, H, W]).

  • question_index: the index of the question (int).

  • question_raw: the raw question (str).

  • question_raw_tokenized: the tokenized raw question (list of str).

  • question: the tokenized question, and mapped to integers (a Tensor of shape [T]).

  • question_type: the type of the question (str).

  • answer: the answer to the question (bool, int, or str).

  • attribute_{attr_name}: the attribute concept id for each object (a Tensor of shape [N]).

  • attribute_relation_{attr_name}: the attribute relation concept id for each pair of objects (a Tensor of shape [N, N], then flattened to [N * N]).

  • relation_{attr_name}: the relational concept id for each pair of objects (a Tensor of shape [N, N, NR], then flattened to [N * N * NR]).

Return type:

a dict of annotations, including


index (int)

__init__(scenes_json, questions_json, image_root, image_transform, vocab_json, output_vocab_json, question_transform=None, incl_scene=True, incl_raw_scene=False)[source]#

Initialize the CLEVR dataset.

  • scenes_json (str) – the path to the scenes json file.

  • questions_json (str) – the path to the questions json file.

  • image_root (str) – the root directory of the images.

  • image_transform (Callable) – the image transform (torchvision transform).

  • vocab_json (str | None) – the path to the vocab json file. If None, the vocab will be built from the dataset.

  • output_vocab_json (str | None) – the path to the output vocab json file. If None, the output vocab will be built from the dataset.

  • question_transform (Callable | None) – the question transform (a callable). If None, no transform will be applied.

  • incl_scene (bool) – whether to include the scene annotations (e.g., objects, relationships, etc.).

  • incl_raw_scene (bool) – whether to include the raw scene annotations.