foptions = {'__defined_info__': {}, '__defined_kvs__': {'compose_function_note': False, 'debug_print': False, 'debug_stat_types': False, 'training_use_lazy_semantics': True}, 'compose_function_note': False, 'debug_print': False, 'debug_stat_types': False, 'training_use_lazy_semantics': True}#

Options for the CCG parser. Use to access the options.

  • debug_print: print debug information.

  • debug_stat_types: print statistics about the types.

  • training_use_lazy_semantics: whether to use lazy semantics during training.

  • compose_function_note: whether to compose the function notes of semantics.

    Specifically, if this is set to True, then every NeuralCCGGroundingFunction instance will compose a note that records the trace of the fucntions that has been called.