class CROWSearchNode[source]#

Bases: object




__init__(state, goal_set, constraints, csp, plan_tree, track_all_skeletons, associated_regression_rule=None, is_top_level=False, is_leftmost_branch=False, is_all_always=True, depth=0)[source]#

Initialize search node for the CROW planner.

  • state (State) – the current when the node is expanded.

  • goal_set (PartiallyOrderedPlan) – the current goal (subgoal) to achieve.

  • constraints (Tuple[ValueOutputExpression, ...]) – the constraints to be satisfied while achieving the goal.

  • csp (ConstraintSatisfactionProblem | None) – the constraint satisfaction problem to be solved, associated with all the steps accumulated so far.

  • plan_tree (CROWPlanTreeNode | list) – the plan tree associated with the current node.

  • track_all_skeletons (bool) – whether to track all the skeletons when we are refining the branch.

  • associated_regression_rule (RegressionRule | None) – the regression rule associated with the current node.

  • is_top_level (bool) – whether the current node is the top level node (directly instantiated from the goal).

  • is_leftmost_branch (bool) – whether the current node is the leftmost branch of the search tree.

  • is_all_always (bool) – whether all the subgoals from the root to the current node are [[always]].

  • depth (int) – the depth of the current node.

property previous_actions#