Canonize the mesh center.

compute_iou_3d(bbox1, bbox2)

Compute the 3D IoU between two bounding boxes.

compute_transformation_from_plane_equation(a, ...)

Compute the transformation matrix from a plane equation.

filter_pointcloud_range(pcd[, x_range, ...])

Filter a point cloud by a range of x, y, z coordinates.

get_pointcloud(color_image, depth_image[, ...])

Reconstruct a colored point cloud from a color and depth image.

get_pointcloud_multicam(color_images, ...)

Reconstruct a colored point cloud from a color and depth image.

load_scene_in_pybullet(client, scene_dir[, ...])

mesh_nms(detected_objects[, ...])

Perform non-maximum suppression on the detected objects.

mesh_reconstruction_alpha_shape(pcd[, alpha])

Reconstruct a mesh from a point cloud.

object_reconstruction_by_extrusion(pcd, model)

Reconstruct an object by extrusion.

project_pointcloud_to_plane(pcd, model)

Project a point cloud to a plane (into a 2D shape)

ransac_table_detection(pcd[, ...])

Detect the table plane using RANSAC.

remove_outliers(pcd, min_neighbors, radius)

Remove outliers from a point cloud.

threshold_table_detection(pcd[, ...])

Detect the table plane using a simple threshold.

visualize_with_camera_matrix(geometries, ...)

Visualize the geometries with a camera matrix.



Camera transformation class.


The pipeline for object-centric vision.


The result of object detection.