filter_pointcloud_range(pcd, x_range=None, y_range=None, z_range=None, return_condition=False)[source]#

Filter a point cloud by a range of x, y, z coordinates.

  • pcd (PointCloud) – an open3d point cloud.

  • x_range (Tuple[float, float] | None) – a tuple of (min, max) x coordinates.

  • y_range (Tuple[float, float] | None) – a tuple of (min, max) y coordinates.

  • z_range (Tuple[float, float] | None) – a tuple of (min, max) z coordinates.

  • return_condition (bool) – whether to return the condition used to filter the point cloud.


an open3d point cloud or a numpy array of shape (N,) representing the condition.

Return type:

ndarray | PointCloud