gen_all_grounded_actions(executor, state, continuous_values=None, action_names=None, action_filter=None, filter_static=True, allow_macro_operator=False)[source]#

Generate all grounded actions in a state. Note that this function does not check if the action is applicable at the current state.

  • executor (PDSketchExecutor) – a PDSketchExecutor object.

  • state (State) – the current state.

  • continuous_values (Mapping[str, Iterable[TensorValue]] | None) – a dictionary mapping the typename of continuous types to a list of possible values.

  • action_names (Sequence[str] | None) – a list of action names to generate. If None, all actions will be generated.

  • action_filter (Callable[[OperatorApplier], bool] | None) – a function that takes an OperatorApplier object and returns a boolean value indicating whether the action should be included in the result.

  • filter_static (bool) – whether to use the filter_static_actions() function to filter out static actions. The function will check all static predicates in the domain and remove actions that will never been applicable.

  • allow_macro_operator (bool) – whether to allow macro operators.

Return type: